• Exceeding expectations is Prime Packs commitment to our local communities and global surroundings. Our staff of dedicated personnel is focused on operational procedures for safe handling and regulatory compliance for all hazardous and non-hazardous materials. Being one of the only State of Texas licensed recyclers of IBC Totes and Poly Drums, we are a leader in our industry in recycling of plastics and pride ourselves in staying on the cutting edge of the latest technology.

    Due to this commitment, Corporations have trusted Prime Pack for over 12 years in the proper disposal of their used containers through licensed recycling. While others may choose a different path, illegal dumping and landfills will never be a consideration due to our strict corporate values.

    No longer is it enough to talk about being a good corporate citizen. Prime Pack and the customers we serve have taken action to not only ensure compliance to all applicable State and Government environmental mandates, but also to simply “do the right thing”.

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    Doing the Right Thing

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    Prime Pack refuses to take the easy road in environmental procedures. Every Tote or Drum accepted at our facilities that fail to meet strict standards are cleaned, shredded and reintroduced by our customers as many various environmentally friendly (green) products.

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